Rhinoceros Jazz Records, 2017 (IHP A)
Album CD

1. How Are Things In Glocca Morra
2. Gentilmente
3. Give And Take*
4. J. W. M. F.*
5. Once Upon A Day*
6. The Other Duke*
7. Only For The Honest
8. I Remember Clifford

* Original composition

Nolan Quinn, trumpet and composition
Oliver Illi, piano
Rafael Jerjen, double bass
Sheldon Suter, drums

Produced by Nolan Quinn.

Recorded in January 2017 at Festsaal der Maskenliebhaber-Gesellschaft der Stadt Luzern.

Broadcastings by RSI Rete Due, RTS Espace 2, Radio Swiss Jazz, Radio Bern RaBe, Radio Gwendalyn and Radio LoRa.


Dreaming of a Place Unseen

Unit Records, 2014 (UTR 4471)
Album CD

1. Feather*
2. Panareminiscence*
3. Orbits
4. Minos*
5. My One And Only Love
6. Bats Fly At Night*
7. WAL*
8. Dreaming of a Place Unseen*

* Original composition

Nolan Quinn, trumpet, piano and composition
Jonathan Maag, tenor saxophone
Oliver Illi, piano
Simon Quinn, double bass
Brian Quinn, drums and hand drum

Produced by Nolan Quinn.

Recorded in July 2013 at RSI Studio 2, Lugano.

Broadcastings by RSI Rete Due and Radio Swiss Jazz.