Nolan Quinn / Musician


Born in 1986 in Lugano, Switzerland, Nolan completed his Master of Arts Degree in Music Performance (Jazz) at Bern University of the Arts in 2014 after his classical trumpet studies. Since 2005 he takes part in countless live performances, studio, orchestral, big band, theatre, musical and interdisciplinary productions, as well as radio and television broadcasts in Jazz, classical and pop music touring Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Romania, Germany, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Austria and the USA. He shared the stage with international artists such as Guillermo Klein, Lutz Häfner, Rick Margitza, Olivier Ker Ourio, Ruud Wiener, Paul Anka, DJ Bobo, Roberto Blades, Marc Sway, Douglas Bostock, Els Biesemans, Django Bates, Theo Croker and Ryan Truesdell. With the release of his debut album in July 2014 and his newest production «Soothin'» in May 2017 he has been able to garner the interest of a broader audience for his own artistic endeavours. In 2017 he founds the record label Rhinoceros Jazz Records. He lives in Zurich.

Kurzbiografie auf Deutsch (PDF)


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Photography by Anna-Lena Holm



Master of Arts Degree in Music Performance (Jazz), Bern University of the Arts, Switzerland (2014).



Nolan's professional activities keep him busy both as a sideman and a bandleader. Connect to his profile on Facebook for more information.

Connect to profile +41 77 465 21 87